Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life Updates

Hi everyone, I'm finally back! My last post feels like ages ago, continuing this blog has always been new year's resolution but apparently I just couldn't help being so freaking lazy. I do apologize about that :/

I have lots of stuff coming up, especially for the "Travel" section. I'm gonna be posting my trip to Japan in 2012 (should've done this 3 years ago, I know I know) and my Alaska & Canada trip last month with my family.

Bits of life's updates, I've been working as a consultant in a big IT consulting firm for almost 2 years now and I enjoy every second of it. The thing about working as a consultant is that there are times when work equals life and then there are times when you're sitting on the bench and basically have nothing to do. I'm currently on the latter phase now, that's why I decide to continue this blog during this funemployment.

Back to the day when I started this blog, I didn't have any story to tell. I was only gonna post about food & places. After so many things happened in my life that I'm finally able to put bits and pieces together, now I'm very excited to tell you my stories. Every blessing, struggle, dream, ups and downs of my life will be told in a new section called "Journal", so keep an eye out!

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