Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When I was 13 or so, my best friend, Kanya showed me a stack of diaries written since she was a little girl. Once I saw it, I thought that I should have my own diaries too. At first I was so excited, but it only lasts in few weeks. Then I stopped. 
Couple years later, my friends started blogging. Then I blog-walked some great & pretty blogs, I also want to make one but I feel like I don't have something to share. Besides, I would be too lazy to post some things on it.
About three years ago, I've been interested in baking cakes. I learn & get the recipes from my mum. One day, I found " Sprinkles Cupcakes" website and I just fell in love with cupcakes. I thought that I should make them too.

Since then, i was experimenting with lots of recipes, then I run an online cupcake shop here with my triplet sister & brother, Samantha & Kevin until now. I'm pretty much happy with it, I get more cupcake orders month after month. It still needs a lot of development, though. My big goal is to produce & sell magnificent wedding cakes & novelty cakes.
Then, some time after that I found this beautiful pastry blog Tartelette by Helene Dujardin. Her works are so perfect & beautiful in every way. Then i also found other great food blogs & food websites. I feel like I'm just born in a new culinary world. I spent my time everyday to read, learn & absorb all knowledges & informations about culinary. Then I decided that I love cooking too. So I start cooking dinners for my family a couple times. 
When I'm in high school, I had photography course at school & I learn from my dad also. He learned photography from Canon School of Photography & it's become his new hobby since then. Then I start to learn food styling & food photography through amazing food bloggers out there. Luckily, my mom is so kind enough to buy me some props, dishes, etc. And I have my own "studio-like" in my house to shoot foods.
In this long year-end holidays, I want to spend my time in the kitchen cooking & photograph good foods to improve my cooking & photography skills. And i want to share it to you guys through this blog :)

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